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How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally: Video Tutorials

The video tutorials are a wonderful complement to the ebook and audio exercises. They are designed for you to experience a deeper level of my step-by-step guide The Truth About Premature Ejaculation and show you how to last longer in bed naturally.

This is the first series of the CURRICULUM. You can watch a short clip from each of the five videos here right now.

How to Last Longer Tutorial 1: Polarity for a Man

  • How your natural sexual energy moves in your body.
  • How to relax the pelvic floor. With me.
  • Release tension and feel more pleasure.

How to Last Longer Tutorial 2: Relaxation

  • Role of relaxation.
  • The nervous system and sexual arousal.
  • Dependence on friction and tension.

How To Last Longer Tutorial 3: Erections, Up & Down

  • The cycle of hardness and softness
  • Testosterone
  • The effect of thinking during sex

How to Last Longer Tutorial 4: Breath

  • Arousal and breathing with me.
  • Guided breath through your penis.
  • Power of breath awareness.

How to Last Longer Tutorial 5: Tantra Tip

  • First chakra awareness for the advanced man.
  • Guided mooladhara awareness for well-being.
  • Sensation and attention.

How to Last Longer Tutorial 6: The last video is What's Next.

A summary and the feedback phone line.

Yes, I have a special phone line set up so you can call me. Leave me your feedback. Let me know how the videos worked for you.

And you won't want to miss this!

Tutorial 7: Bonus: A preview from my Personal Diary

Bonus: Download all 6 videos today to learn how to last longer in bed naturally, and get a short video from my private diary — a little teaser story from my personal diary about a class I attended recently. I know you will enjoy the bonus movie too. So what are you waiting for? Improve your sexual stamina now!
Increasing Sexual Stamina
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Improve Sexual Stamina
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